To the time to mount a bike of this type choose the saddle becomes something that costs. Zigor model carries a Brooks Stándard man and at the moment it is very happy. We want to share the experience of Maria with its seat of House Terry comfort and Physio Gel Max Lux model, because many times it is very difficult to find a seat suitable for women. Maria is very happy with it for convenience and because does not create it any strange pain. When choosing the saddle it is very important that women choose a female model because the distance there is between the hamstrings in women is much greater than in men, by the theme for space at the time of calving, wise nature. For this reason they are wider saddles on the back and shorter in length. We do not use shorts for cycling. What if it is clear is that each one has its seat and that it is something very personal. A saddle can go a person perfect and that same seat can sit someone else badly.


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