How to spend less


  • In Europe, there are always “cheap” supermarkets. Find out more ask when you arrive at the new country.
  • In Asia local products are always cheaper. Lose yourself in the bazaars and markets. It’s funny, but in Europe it happens otherwise.
  • Imported products or that they are off-season, always are more expensive.
  • Always cook your meal will be cheaper.
  • Before buy something ask for price and calculate the cost of the purchase. Ask if the price is in kilograms or other measure.


  • Contact with WS or CS people in big cities is very important to avoid having to take a hotel. Sometimes is very difficult to camp with the tent. It is also a good opportunity to learn more about the place and the local people.
  • We should take into account days you must be waiting for you visa. Once again contact with WS or CS people.
  • If you are traveling in low season and especially in tourist places, haggle the prices of the rooms. In Asia, it is easy to lower prices.
  • If you have to cross a city or large town and you do not want to stay overnight, is better to stay a few kilometers before and the day after will have time to cross it or visit it and get out of it. It is a good way to save on hotels.
  • In the Rest days if you want to be in any accommodation, arrives in the morning to have all day to rest.


  • The cheapest way is to travel with the bike. At the time you takes another transport, the budget will rise.
  • Travel by boat is comfortable but very expensive especially in Europe.
  • If you have to fly you can search for companies that offered the extra baggage and special sports. If not, the ticket price will go up. For example in Asia, Air Asia is a very good option.
  • To hitchhike in Asia is very easy even if you go with the bike. There will always be some trucker who want to help you.


  • Have a small netbook will remove from spending many hours in Internet cafes.They are expensive, and are not comfortable.It is interesting if you have a blog or you want to work or manage photographs.
  • Travelling witha smallnetbookyouspend many hoursawayat Internet cafes. Internet cafesare expensive andareincomfortables. It is interestingif you have ablogoryou want to workwith photographs.


  • When you are in a new territory, you have to think in the local currency, do not think in the currency of your country. The first days is not easy because there is no reference, but getting a little attention to the prices soon you will learn. It is not easy because the head always takes you to compare the prices of your place.
  • Viajando dos personas siempre es más barato que viajar solo. Sobre todo a la hora de pagar por dormir.
  • Withdraw money with the “Visa Electron” is cheaper than the “Visa Classic”. The problem is that in some countries you can only get with the classic.
  • Try to arrive with a minimum of money possible to the border with another country. With the change of money you always lose something.
  • Inform before enter in a new country, how much is it the change.
  • It is possible that the change of the money in the black market be better than the change in official places (Iran, Uzbekistan)… you have to always ask how much is it the change.

If you have more recommendations, we will gladly add it and share it with the people.


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