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Goodbye has arrived!

Every beginning has its end, and now the time for saying goodbye has arrived.

It has been a great pleasure connecting with you either through the blog or in person and sharing the immense unconditional love that you have brought to us during the whole trip.

We wish you all much peace and happiness. We also hope that you have the possibility of living and sharing in your own way all the experiences we have had during the last two years.

Maria and Zigor


Agur Adiós-Goodbye


Slowly Slowly Landing

After two and a half year we are back and cycling in the Iberian Peninsula. It has been a pleasure reconect with these land and enjoy its people and its nature diversity.

The Peninsula is one of this place where the cycleturing can feel free while riding through its uncontable ways that conect thousand and thousand of little villages full of history.

It´s been a beautifull way of coming back and start feeling that, little by little, we are closer, the life is the biggest trip and that travel is come back also.

Clip Madrid-Murcia.


AOTEAROA: So far So close


Neither closer nor farther… on the other side of the planet Earth… here we are… wherever we go from now… our return begins…


Tasmania, Remote Treasure.


After a few days cycling close to the sea, our last destination in Australia has been Tasmania. Sparsely inhabited island, south of the Great Australia, has a beautiful nature and wonderful people. Another place where the people feel more Tassies than Aussies, and another place where its people have made ​​this part of the trip impossible to forget for us. Land where you begin listening about travelling experience in Antarctica and where you realize how far you are… nice feeling.


Australia, Red Earth, Blue Sky.


After two months in Australia cycling and traveling in endless buses through the West and the Center of the country, I think we have forever changed our near-far concept. Here, 200km can be near, and 5000, far. That is by car, because everything is more than double by bicycle. These distances and the uninhabited West and Central Australia make it an ideal place for cycling, of course, if you carry enough food and water supplies.


5 Months in Chiang Mai

An image is worth more tan a thousand words, this time we change the format.

Recap of the last 5 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A big hug for you and hope you are happy!!!

5 month

We spent money but we have a little bit to continue…

logo 2


When you are planning a long bike trip, you have many questions in your mind “How much I will spend per day, per month, in which things…?” We believe that the experience is the best way to know. We have decided to publish the expenses that we have had in the past 13 months, if someone want go on on his dream.


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