Visit at Home


This time you will not to see many bicycles but very important people of our lives.

On 5th February we flew to Madrid. We went to spend a few months to visit family and friends. We felt a strange sensation because one normally goes on vacation to Thailand. We had good luck, we were going on vacation to home. It was a big luxury. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to write about the last months on the Peninsula. We felt that our journey has continued.

Since we left San Roque we had the opportunity to see and feel incredible sites. But it’s great also when you come back at home and see the landscape we saw everyday when we got up in the photo bellow. My aunt Rosa had made us very happy, providing a room in a farmhouse, which is in an amazing site, Urkulu.


We wanted to embrace Aintzane and Aintzine. Finally we could put a face to our friends and on line followers.


We went to the school of Martxel, our nephew, to tell him the stories of the trip.

We said goodbye to Euskal Herria and we went to the outskirts of Barcelona. We spent some beautiful days in the company of Carles, Merce, Jana, Laura and Jordi, giving us some nice walks and we enjoyed it all together. Moltesgràcies.


With Maider and Pedro, we felt like at home in the Parc Güell of Barcelona. All the explanations that they gave us developed a tourist site to be in a magical place.

We said goodbye to the outside world and we connected with the inner world. We went to do a course of Vipassana meditation. It was hard but it was a gift of life. We recommend it

In Murcia the brother of Maria, Sergio, Sofia and Leo were waiting for us. Maria had been one year and two months without being with her niece. The last time she saw her newly born niece when Maria went to Murcia from Istanbul, in January of last year. We enjoyed a lot time with Leo.


After spending a week in Murcia, we went to Granada to visit family and friends. We were there enjoying again the company of Rafa, Maria’s father. It is a luxury to feel Granada as your home.


We were without seeing Juan Carlos (who has abdicated no, the other one) since the first day of the trip. The moment we met with Juan Carlos in the “Meridional” was nice, where Ana and Miguel are still offering quality in everything.


Rogelio, 95 years old, Maria’s grandfather. We found Rogelio once again. He was waiting for us.


We were with Agustin, Amalia and Alba in Caladero restaurant. Agustin was touring with the presentation of his latest book “Náufragos del Rock & Roll” (


We were a month and a half in the Peninsula and the day came for Maria to return to Thailand. In a few days, she started the course of Thay massage in Chiang Mai. I made my way to Zaragoza.


In Zaragoza I enjoyed the company of Jana, Borja and Sami. We met last time 5 years ago in Germany.

Back in Euskal Herria,eating vasque-catalans foods, is a good way to enjoy with friends .


I had the opportunity to meet with Andoni and Alice (, who have been traveling by bike around the world. First, as a partner and then with their children. Four years ago they were in our home in San Roque.

Maria had already begun the course of massage in Chiang Mai in Sunshine school.


In Chiang Mai Maria received the visit of Yannick, Muriel, Victor and Robinen ( This French family travels with a truck and we met in June of last year in the mountains of Tajikistan. True, the world is small sometimes.


Her name is Paule and she is the daughter of my sister. In August of last year they gave us the news of the pregnancy. At that time we began to think about the possibility of a visit. She was born on 22 of March and it was a pleasure to be at that time with the family.


We had a year and a half without playing with Martxel and Ane. He was 4 years and a half and Ane 3 months old the last time we saw them. It has been great to come back and find two little people who are growing and enjoying l

Here and there, nature always amazes us.

We don’t know how many lunches and dinners we had together. But we felt that we recovered the pounds we lost in Asia.


We had time to organize the 12th JAIKI weekend. We have been years without meeting and this time we were surrounded by many children. It is possible in the future, they will organize it and we will go as guests of honor.

Maria experimenting new paths. When I saw the picture I thought “I will find Maria inside a box of shoes, in pieces”. It wasn’t true.

We were also brave and we went to see the sharks to the Aquarium of Donostia.

I had the opportunity to share what’s happening on the trip in two talks I gave in Gatzaga and Aretxabaleta. It was nice to be surrounded by friends, family and other cyclist and remember beautiful moments of the travel.

Caceres 2014 maiatza 088

After saying goodbye to Euskal Herria I went to Extremadura to enjoy the company of other friends. The surprise meeting was nice. Also was nice to go to Trujillo and see the streets and squares we crossed when we started the trip after spend a few days with Esteban and Yael.


Maria was visited by María del Mar, a very good friend from San Lucar de Barrameda in Cadiz. She decided to come and enjoy time in Chaing Mai and after in Bangkok. We enjoyed it also with her.


I arrived a few days after in Chiang Mai with our friend Vanesa to be all together.

we were in We’s restaurant learning and preparing delicious dishes of the cuisine of Thailand. Then we cooked what we learned with Sandra in Chedi View guesthouse.

Vanesa and I were a few days in Chiang Mai and then we went to Lahu, a small village located in the mountains, to receive a 12 days course of Thai massage


We took our first steps in the world of Thai massage and we also learned to fly. It was perfect.


We live together with people from all over the world. We created a fun and interesting tutti fruti.

DSC01527 (2)

Lahu people live in this area next to Laos since there were no borders and moved with total peace of mind until someone told them that they needed a document to cross the roads that they had walked up to that time.
Although they understand the Thai language,but between them they speak their own language. After spending 12 days there, we had the feeling of being in another country. They are very humble people living in contact with nature and a quiet, simple way.


While we were in Lahu we knew about the coup military in Thailand, Oopssss!. A few days later we returned to Chiang Mai where we find a quiet atmosphere. There are soldiers in the most important points of the city, but our day to day has not changed. Well, now there are less tourists, is not bad.

We are still in Chiang Mai, Maria with her courses and enjoying the sunsets that nature offers to us from the balcony of our house.
Little by little we are feeling the future and the path that we will take after Chiang Mai. The engines begin to heat up. Bicycles are watching to us saying “Eiiii I want to start up” and they sing us “roll and roll…roll and roll…”


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