Instead of Turkmenistan, we have baptized it as Türk… . We had only five days of visa to cross this country. The Government does not want to have tourists long time in your country so we don’t see the good things they are doing. Imagine, if you arrive one day later to the border, you have to pay 200 per day. What you can expect from a President who stamp his face on bottles of vodka and that he decided to close libraries, because people are not going to them.

We had to go very fast to make 500 km in 5 days without back wind.


Say Turkmenistan or the Garagum desert, is the same. Plane, sand, wind and poor quality of roads.


Once again we found wonderful people. Cheerful and always with the curiosity and desire to help you.


The economy is based on Agriculture and cotton. Here has also become the problem of overcrowding of a single product that needs plenty of water and who is drying the Aral Sea in the North.


How the received us the first night, we won’t forget easily. We went to ask about one site to put the tent and we were greeted as we will never receive in a hotel. Seriously, it’s hard to describe it with words.


In spring the temperature is high for these lands and police control buildings were a perfect place for us to rest and forget the sun.


The villages that we have found are filled with buildings of the former Soviet Union. Width roads, streets and old buildings. It clearly feels that for many years Moscow ordered in these lands.


We crossed Turkmenistan with Chris. We met in Istanbul and as we he had the same dates of entry, we decided to go together. He began his trip 14 months ago in England and is on the way to arrive his home in Sydney.


What can you find in the desert? Camels…Of course.


Once more the curiosity of people has created good encounters.


The second night we were in Bajramalyn, guests in another house.


Little by little we going forward but feeling that we had not many forces to spare. We were a month without pedaling.


If you like to travel and you’re female, the best name is María. In all countries we have been is a name common and often help to establish to connect. We have called it “María Connection”… Good, but not everything is the name eeeehhh…


The third day we had the luxury of sleeping in the desert around sand, grass, bugs and star.


There are many cars and trucks in the road and has been a luxury receive , water and food, without ask.


The last day we met with Guillon in Türkmenabat. Before, we met in Mashad, after 8 months of pedaling from France. His visa of Turkmenistan was 3 days and he could not cycle much. It was the day of punctures.


At the borders there is truck drivers who are willing to help you to change money or give you information about the next country.


We arrived at the border with Uzbekistan at noon, on time, but… When we arrived we were told that it was closed. We had to wait until the two o’clock… they were eating… Welcome to Central Asia!


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