After a month and a half in this particular country, we could write long and hard about our experience and what we have believed to understand about their reality. We will try to explain it, but we assure you that it is not easy.

In Iran there are two very different Iranes. One, which you can’t see on television and the other, the Iran that political and religious authorities want to build through control and fear.

Religious power is above political power, and you can feel it when you get to Iran. Women with the handkerchief, but the Quran says nothing about this rule, some of them entirely in black with the chador. Different compartments for women and men on public transport, although in the metro, women can go in the compartments of the men. Low noise and laughter in the streets, and always with the feeling that you have to do the right thing in public, without making much noise. The tranquility is not present, control is very large. The internet this gelding, although the iranis invented the way to bypass the rules and look out or into the future.

The other Iran, which we have also been able to live is completely opposite. The houses give the privacy to create distended environments to the iranians to create and feel free.

The word hope always is in their mouths. For example, 12th of June, elections will take place General to elect the President of the country. But to present you have to pass the filter of a religious Committee. With this, everything is said.

It can the new generations to take other paths to change this situation. They are far from of the mentality that has most of their parents and do not believe in this system. What can be the way? Difficult to answer, but the only thing that comes to mind is a new revolution. Time will tell.

On the other hand, sadly, the ability of the international community towards Iran it’s horrible. The consequences of the international embargo are noticeable every day and which is more suffering is the normal people. The money is devaluing at a rapid pace. 2 years ago, one euro is equivalent to 15000 rials. Today 46000. Yes, it’s great for foreigners with money, Iran is currently for us cheaper than India, but you can imagine what the situation is for them.

Under the pretext of the nuclear bomb, the international community wants to have controlled Iran with a single goal: getting their oil at a low price. This is the great problem of Iran, who have a lot of oil. Imagine an Iran without oil. You think that the Europeans and Americans will be playing with their moral? At present Iran is selling oil to India and China, but for the issue of the embargo, they can not receive money, only goods.

As we have said, it is not easy to explain and understand what happens in this country, but please, we are going to remove us from the head that Iran is a dangerous place and that the Iranians are dangerous people. It is amazing the kindness and hospitality that we have received in these lands.


It arrived day to meet with our parents in Shiraz. It has been nice and special share these days with them.


Around of Shiraz we could learn from what was a lot of centuries ago Persia, visiting Persepolis and its surroundings.


It was different and interesting to have a guide and a friend around all the time to know the reality and the past of Iran in a very direct way.


One of the illusions of my mother was ride a camel and she could it. The illusion of my father was to replace my mother with five camels but he did not.


Rafa has been very happy taking pictures to everything that moved and it was not moving.


According to the locals, we visited the oldest tree on Earth, 4000 years (8,000 for the Japanese).


We could visit religious buildings bathed in turquoise.


Yazd is in the middle of the desert and a lot of years ago they invented the first air conditioning system. These towers collect hot air and makes it fresh when coming into the house.


We were in the desert and we had the pleasure of seeing and feeling a sandstorm.


In the salt lake, we were taking a lot of photos.


In Mokse’s Van, we did many miles but we enjoyed a lot and we felt at our home.


In Isfahan ended the journey of our fathers in Iran and we could enjoy the sunsets in the river and its bridges.


We went back to Tehran to pick up our visas from Central Asia and enjoy the company of Farid, Marzie, Jana and Alex.


To end our days in Iran we were in Mashad to take forces to resume the trip by bicycle to Turkmenistan.


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