After a week of rain and after enjoying with Magali, Antoine and Ariel, the sun was ready to heat us one more time and we started pedaling.


I thought that after all this time of rest and eat well, I would climb the last slopes of Corsica very fast, but we had found great slopes. My heart could not more and in more than one time, a friendly beep coming from the lungs made me stop to catch breath.

It seems that the heat it left us swim at the beach last week, is gone and the snow and the cold has arrived …


And as a reward of the day, we spent the night in the firefighters park of Sartenne, while the night wind was flying trees and the cold froze the roads.


We had to get up very early and still at night we began pedaling the final climb in Corsica. That was the condition to sleep indoors, the boss did not like seeing people in the park, so we went before he arrived.

Until the last day, Corsica gives us incredible high mountain landscapes.


And stone lions close to the sea

In the road we met with an adventurous cyclist well-known in Sardinia. He had amputee one leg above the knee. He would travel by bicycle, kayak and he lived a year on a boat in Andalusia and has written a book. She warned us that there would be a strong wind from the Northwest the next week, the famous Mistral.


We arrived to Bonifacio in time to catch the boat at 14 hours. The exit of this port is very nice, because you can see cliffs and houses built on them, typical of this city.


In one hour of pedaling in Sardinia, we can feel the softness of its landscape and the warmth of its people. We felt that we changed country when on the site that we choose to sleep (a perfect porch that protects us from the strong wind and rain), we see that there is activity at 9 o’clock (unthinkable in Corsica): “Creative workshop”… so we have to wait four hours until someone come, to ask about permission. And at the end they came a few sympathetic ladies, that they was doing Christmas crafts.


Clouds threaten to crying and occasionally we have to looking for a roof to cover us.


… and sometimes we can protect and others moments we have to feel wet….


From the first day we know Mistral, the strong wind which the corso rider told us… this time is on our side because almost always accompanies us in our pedaling through the south ways.


Giovanni, welcomes us in his restaurant La Tartaruga. Now it is closed, but in the high season they have 300 people every day and if you want to eat you have to book it. And we were there, drinking wine and cheese with him and his friends, the architect and the Sardinian independentist… we laugh very much with them.


The Sun of the morning entering in the terrace of the Tartaruga, after a night of rain and wind.


We are approaching to the most mountainous area of Sardinia, where we will have to climb 1000m port. But first…


We rested a few days on the farm of Franziska and Molo, CouchSurfing members (another community of hospitality, different from Warmshower, because it does not need to be cyclist to be with them and you can find many more members all over the world).


There we met with Angela and Peter, a German couple friends of Franziska, they were in his last days holiday on the island. His hobby is to collect everything edible that are on their way, and with the collection of the day we were invited to a taste dinner.


While we are in the heat of the fireplace, it was hailing. On the one hand it’s perfect to us, because it forces us to remain resting a few days, and we take forces for the port, that although we are not at the level of the sea to stat to go up, we have the beach very close.


And again we had a great day of sun and also a nice long port, but soft. But the temperature was very cold.


And in the evening we enjoy the sunset in the beach…


… and the sunshine…


… the nigth was very cold and we had breakfast with olive oil paste.


Before going direction Cagliari, we approach a beach to find somewhere to sleep. Because it is not high season, all the bars are closed and available for us to spend the night. But first, the wind and the clouds give us a little respite, enough to enjoy the sunshine hours left on the beach.


This time we didn’t find Giovanni, but telepathically we gave thanks to the owner of the bar, because somewhere else we would have flown… just before sundown, began gusts of wind that came from all sides, and each time were stronger.

Soon, very soon we went to the bed. Tonight there was no reading, any light that could reveal us, because at the entrance of the beach a pretty big and clear sign told us that we could not camping and the carabiniere were close. So soon we go to sleep and we wake up soon…


And we enter in a espectacular place… beautiful walls that invited to climb them.


… and soon we arrived at Gemma, Fabbio, Siddhartha and Kanta home, we laugh from the first minute until the last momento with them.

We did not enjoy on the road between the house and the harbor. Although Fabbio gave us the directions, at some point we were wrong and we started to follow the road signs (placed for cars). And what should be a quiet pedaling became almost two hours pedaling because we thought we did not reach the ship. Eventually we arrived, sweaty …but arrived.

Another night in a boat… and we arrived to Naples.


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