Before leaving the continent, as it is called in France to Europe, we went to Toulon by train. My (Zigor) last night was not good and as you can see in the photo I was not ready to ride many kilometers by bike.


In Toulon, we could appreciate one of the characteristics that possess places of large ports, many people of different nationalities, in this case from North Africa. The ports are always alive. We took the boat in Toulon and we spent the night on board. We were the only tourists, our companions were people of Corsica.


We arrived in the morning, very early, and although the forces were down, we started to go northward towards Cap Corse. The road goes near the coast and slowly you can feeling the force of Corsica, big mountains and the sea are at the same time around you.


We have needed little time to feel that we are in a different place. We started to listen to people talking in Corsican and you feel as if you were not in France. More than one in fact reminds us that they are not French, they are Corsican.


In a few kilometres you can feel the sea and the mountains.

We have found little traffic on all roads, but the Corsican people love drive fast. It gives equal, old or young, large or small car. It seems after the summer, where the roads of tourists are filled, they need to let off steam and feel free again.

In the West of Cap Corse are the first cliffs. They also began the first slopes. They had warned us that has big slopes and descents without a break, and so is. You are all day between the sea level and three hundred metres high.


Here also we are meeting with great people. The second day we ask for a piece of land to put the tent and they offered us a bar terrace overlooking the sea.


It’s hard to do kilometres here. There are many ascents and descents and the paths create great curves to rid the sea. It costs us much to advance. But the landscape and the tranquility that we breathe it’s incredible.

Many hidden sites in the coast, offer us spectacular places to stop and have breakfast.


At this time there is no tourism in the island and the hotels and campsites are closed. But a couple of times they left us sleep in a closed campsites without paying anything.


Arriving to L´Ile Rousse, you have the opportunity to see the highest mountain of Corsica, Monte Cinto of 2706 meters, and the sea at the same time.


For us it is a luxury to have the mountains close because it provides wáter, vital for travel. Everyday we need about eight liters for breakfast, dinner and drink. Since we left San Roque we have not bought a bottle of water, which has brought us very beautiful moments when we had to ask, at different sites we have passed.


Capes and more inaccessible capes, sites that you can only arrive by boat…


and the mountains, once again, embracing the sea.


We have gone to the South from the West and the weather has been perfect, we have had the possibility to see some amazing sunsets.


The Cape of Scandola gave us its characteristic reddish colour.


In Piana we also enjoyed its cliffs.


Cycling only a few kilometres away and it’s hard for us to believe that the sea is nearby.


The last sunny day we had the opportunity to swim in the sea.


At the moment we are in a friends home we met in a town called Portu. After be five minutes with us, they offered their house near Ajaccio and as it was inside the route that we had thought, now we are watching the rain and the sea and enjoying the company of Antoine, Magali and Ariel.

During any trip there are moments where you have to make decisions, and now we are thinking about what to do. When the rain is stoped, we will go towards South of Corsica to cross after to Sardinia, where we will ride to Cagliari and there we will take a boat to Naples.

But well, as María always say, the plans are to change them.


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