After a rainy days, we satyed in Labarthe one more day and finaly we said good-bye to Chastin family, eating churros. With Marije’s recipe and help of Zoe and with the churro’s cooking machine of the neighbor, we were able to cook churros on the same day. After making the dough with 1 kilo of flour, we saw that something didn’t work… thank goodness that there is always a good neighbor to helps you in extreme situations…


We left with the clear day and we say good bye to this great family, with which we have been like at home and we have learned a lot… we are so glad to see a family so united.

We followed the route that Pascal offered to us, following the way on photocopied maps. All ways were quiet, beautiful and with good views, we enjoyed with the restored force.


To get to the site we are going to sleep tonight, we have to walk a little more, but after a few attempts, at the end of a dirt road, appears a beautiful site on a hillside, where we rested assured.

The days are shorter, at 16.00 we need to start looking for a place to put the store… There are days when we are at 18.00 already finishing the dinner and inside the tent, reading, writing, listening to music… and at 8 p.m. we are already almost asleep!


If it is that you cannot speak of nothing… a few hours ago we had celebrated that we had not yet any puncture and… here it is! But well, we can’t complain, je je, I have a photo with a camera with 20 puncture more or less… I think that now we are better!


They gave us everything for nothing in return

Everything is going very well. In Coussa, after another nice day, we asked to Jean Pierre about the water. He was the only person who we could found in the village. He invited us to a cafe and in a few moments, we had a lovely bed, shower, appetizer, dinner and the heat of this family, from you can learn about the hospitality and simplicity.


The day woke up clear and after visiting Carcassonne, the day gave to us a gift, a few colors and almost impossible views to describe, on the Canal du Midi.

The Canal du Midi is a navigable channel and like the canal de Garonne, they connect the Atlantic sea with the Mediterranean sea. This great channel was built in 15 years and it was opened in 1681. Now, you can pedal almost all kilometres and in summer is filled with cyclists.


Colours…and more colours…

In autumn there aren’t many people in the channel and we can stop and go slowly and take pictures.


The lights of the evening and morning, they paint with colours this landscape.


Again we have to search our site for sleeping. We think that it will be easy again, because yesterday we slept without problems along the canal, but now it is not easy… we passed on the side of an abandoned amusement park, rare place… so we follow and the channel is terminated.

We arrived at night Agde, so we think of search a campsite, but neither appears. We ended up in a private area, in which we read clearly “private road”, we went to ask for permission… we did not find anyone… It is already evening, so we decided to stay at the beginning of the road, where we have seen a flat area… While we assemble the shop comes a car, they are the owners of the house and the man doesn’t have very good face… talked with them and we want to say between gestures and in French where we come from, what we do, to where we are going, bla-bla-bla… but it seems that man is not happy and is ready to say a non-definitive… but the woman gets out of the car and she view bikes and tent and seems that it softens… allow us to stay… pouf, which relief! Then the son passed and less evil that happened later, because if not….he was angry.

We had a strange feeling. We understand that marriage felt scare when they saw us in the evening, but also gives us worth see how easy that is to fall into selfishness (my house is 50 meters and is very large, but this is mine, and it is not my problem if it’s raining, if it is night, if you go by bike is your problem). We hope to have learned to think a little more in others.


We got up well early, we dismantle the tent and go fast.

In Agde, we take a delicious croissant which make us forget the incident of the night. Today we will meet with Remi, a cyclist friend that he was in our home in San Roque and with which we will spend a few days resting.


With Remi and Bofil in Montpelier.

We visited Montpelier with Remi, a wide city and pleasant place for walking.


Street Market…An universal sport.

You can find very rare items in the antique market.


We said goodbye to Remi, with the desire to see him on the road again. In a few months he will to continue his journey by bike and who knows, may be we will find in a some point…


We pass through the nature reserve from Calangute, formed in the Delta of the river Rhone.

Here the silence of nature is broken by the flapping of the numerous birds and otter’s baths. We are very well and comfortable in this places.


In one second the fog in the morning, makes you believe that you are in a different place and in a different time.


When we left the naturepark, begins the noise of cars and trucks that you pass close, because it seems that here it is not well seen to slow down and leave space between the rider and the car… We were a little tired and 50 km close from Marseille, we decided to take a train that we did not pay, it was another gift.


Old port in Marselle


Panier district in Marselle

In Marseille we stayed at house of Nico, Virya, Colette and Leon, members of Warmshower. We were like our home one more time.


We visited the city and its surroundings.


We enjoyed with the family, friends, and his cozy home.

Nico, Virya and Colette in Marselle

Today we will start the trip to Corsica.


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