Allez Allez


In Tolosa we were waiting for the end of the storm. After waiting an hour, we started once again. This time Elur, Urko and Eli told us goodbye after breakfast.


We took the road towards Leitza, and as we listen when we were at home, mount Ernio and surrounding areas were snow-covered. Snow, rain and cold, the winter already wants to start.


From Leitza we arrived to Doneztebe and we followed the Valley, to Elizondo, in the heart of the Valley of Baztan. There, Joseba was waiting us, he is Warmshower’s Member, who treated us wonderfully. Joseba is worker and a radio announcer in Xorroxin Irratia. We had the honour of visiting the studios of this independent radio, that it takes 31 years filling with music and news, the houses in the Baztan Valley and its surroundings.


We saw that the next day was going to be sunny, we decided to start. As parting, the Valley offered us a gift that we will not forget. After go up among clouds Izpegi port, towards Baigorri, the sun appeared and we were able to enjoy the unforgettable views. Thank you!!!


Going up to Izpegi


We arrived what is known as a country Vasco-frances, the province of Behe Nafarroa, where our feelings began to change. We began to listen French language and communicate in Basque wasn’t easy, because it is very different from we speak in Gipuzkoa. The thermometer said that little by little we were going forward.

We are again having problems with the burner. We still don’t know very well what happens. But these small glitches give us the chance to have a conversation with the local people. They always have some solution.



We have gradually come to the area of Béarn, of the Department of Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Historically was linked to the kingdoms of Aragón and Navarra. In fact, is kept still a minority the Bearnais, language that comes from the Occitan. Here we keep in touch with people from WS and people who give us shelter and breakfast in a kindly way. We are starting to breaking the image that we have of the French people. It is very good, start leaving prejudice along the way…


Pierre and Stephanie


Our home


Bike travellers are appearing. Julien is from Paris and from there started 5 months ago to go to Portugal and Morocco. We exchanged information and we enjoyed the moment.


…yes! We are in…


In the area of Bagneres de Bigorri, we pedal by idyllic places. Between beech forests, without traffic and with sun… it’s enough…


Currently we are 2 days in Chastin’s family home. The father and the mother made a long trip 20 years ago by bike and then started with the other journey to bring four children into this world. 3 years ago all went by bicycle for 10 months in tour around Europe. In this moment we are feeling that they are giving us what they received in that and other travels. Naturally, tranquillity and proximity… A pleasure. Yesterday we were shepherds, looking for the sheep that were in the forest, to get them to the town. The work was rewarded with a delicious meal.


After an afternoon eating churros in family with Marije’s recipe and with the help of Zoe, the youngest daughter, we started to preparing all to leave the farm in the next morning, direction to the East…


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