Two and a half weeks… enough time to recover forces, do the little things that were coming out in the first stretch and which were pending, and say goodbye to friends and family…


And here there is no another way to say goodbye… so one day with some, another with others… a dinner here, a meal there…


..at home or outside…

…with the family or friends…


…meat and more meat…

More lunchs…

…watcing twenty years old movies…Our movies…


Time to enjoy family and say goodbye to the little ones. We will see them in the return and we will feel how time has really passed.

Party!!!…disco in the van…


Be well…Have a good trip!!!

Official exit in Aretxabaleta


The northern team…

Bunch of quality and variety…


In urretxu… one coffe to say goodbye..

Keeping with the ritual of coffee (we have to be care with the UCI)


Stroll in San Sebastian

Enjoying the company of friends in San Sebastian


Nice Elur

In the heat of Tolosa with Elur, Eli and Urko.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit a place where dream in travels is very easy. A library, meeting place, for which you want to receive and share information on an infinite number of places on Earth. Antxon Bandres Bidaiarien Txokoa is called and is in Tolosa. They baptized us like bike travellers, speaking of our trip in their blog.(http:bidaiarientxokoa.wordpress.com)

Tomorrow morning we want to follow direction to the Valley of Baztan… idyllic and magical place…

Already we started to feel that family and friends are far… the horizon feels like a book in white, open and willing to be written and painted…


Draw me…


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