We said goodbye to Córdoba after spending a great day with Pili and Kiko, who they offered us their affection with interesting conversations. Good people…Thanks a lot.

On Friday we arrived to Albala, a day before that we had anticipated, because we found less slopes than we thought (another gift that we have enjoyed).

We started in Cordoba feeling a good sensations after three days rest in Cordoba, where we felt extremely comfortable until the last moment.

It seems that the heat goes down a little, but still there are moments on the day in which you have to stop, looking for a shadow and feel the fresh water from a drinking fountain. It is great pleasure to see the water, even is in a small pipe. This last winter it rained little.


Aqua es vita (Water is life)

Almost without realizing, we were far from the olive trees from Cordoba and we felt between holm oaks in Badajoz. We left behind Andalusia and we enter in Extremadura roads. The wind from the Southeast will helped us a little bit and the kilometers were easy to advance.


We continue to see olive trees and some oil factory. Among the oaks begin to appear the animals, sheep, goats, cows and the occasional other Iberian pork. Mining towns of coal were founded with great strength and enthusiasm, but now they are living the hard reality of this mineral in the 21st century. Although who knows if we will not depend on it in the future… We have also gone through fields full of tomatoes that are used mostly to make mash tomato.


The last night gave us a gift to sleep, a quiet field among oaks, . We went out with the sunrise to try to arrive to Albala in the afternoon



We could cycle a lot of kilometres because the road has no important slopes. Although I get tired, with my legs saying “It’s enough”. One part of my body recovers at the time that we arrives at the square of Albala. We feel cool when we meet with Esteban and Yael.


The House of our friends is small and we are in the house of his parents, who lives in Aretxabaleta, the village of Tebe and Zigor, so again we are like at home. Tebe makes us rich meals and we give strolls with Txuri and Txiki to run through the field. We visit Caceres also. We will continue the journey crossing Trujillo, then we will cross Valle del Jerte.

The body is now ready to begin again to roll, but the weather forecast makes us change plans. As we are like at home and in very good company, we have decided to wait for the rain stop (there will be moments in which we will can not avoid ). So for a few days we become in habitants of Albala.

In a few days we will continue the journey, when the window opens.

We will go to Monfragüe and then towards Salamanca lands. We will try to meet with Marieta and Paula to cycle all together.


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