With my grandfather and my brother

The days in Granada were good to realize that the body would need more miles to feel good. To remedy the situation, we did not have another remedy that do what we do easily in Granada, eat, drink (especially in the Meridional and in the Caladero) and enjoy with the people. It was a pleasure for us be all together those days in Granada.


Walk along the Dilar river

After feeling emotions and beautiful sensations leaving an important place for both, we went to Córdoba. Surrounded by small mountains and olive groves, We met in the way with local people who have offered us naturally to talk and quiet at the time of consider them sleeping around their village. Something that is appreciated when it is ending the day, because you know that it is approaching an ideal place to spend the last hours of Sun and relax.


Nice mountains and slopes.


Nights among olive trees

It takes less time to find the spoon between the saddlebags, search our site for the night, put up a tent and cooking … begin to coordinate better together. Gradually the body is better and slowly the mind also to our new way of life … slowly slowly.


One more night… dinner outdoors

We were eager to get to Córdoba. Maria visited it a lot of years ago and for me it was something new. The entry and the stay were incredible. Cristina’s and Susana’s parents, Esperanza and Joaquin, were waiting for us and we enjoyed with their care and delicacy with us, that is greatly appreciated. We will try to deliver what they are giving us in this and all trips.


The Mosque from Cordoba

We visited Cordoba listening to stories that told us Esperanza and Joaquin. Everything in this city happened around religions, writers, doctors, architects and Kings, make in to Córdoba in what it is.

The mosque is an impressive place where you can feel the strength of the Christian and Muslim religions at the same time. I hope this place is a place of understanding and respect soon


Luxury guides: Esperanza and Joaquin

We said goodbye to the Cordoba patios, the cobbled streets, their countless squares, churches and monuments. We started cycling to go to Extremadura to visit in Albalá, Esteban and Yael.


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