After seven days we have already arrived to Granada.

It has been beautiful and important days for us. Accompanied by friends, we have begun our journey, between laughs, sweats, coffees and slopes. Very good friends who made us forget the weight of our bikes when we had to climb the slopes.

At 9 in the morning we threw the key of the house through the window. After we said goodbye and thank to our neighbors and friends. A new family, that they has helped us the last 3 years. We have breakfast at the bar of the district and… we went on.

Juan, Susana, Alicia, Maria, Cristina, Ruth, Fernando, Pablo, Juan Carlos, Zigor… Maria behind the camera


Alicia enjoying in the mountain pass of Espino.


We recovered energy in Cortes de la Frontera


Marisa was repairing the house of Indiana and Ana was checking the process, in on our rest day.

Some friends left and others comes… On Sunday we arrived at La Indiana, in Ronda, where we said goodbye to the last part of the group that they has accompanied us until Ronda. We decided to rest a day after crossing the Sierra. We picked up to Anita, that she is going to accompany us up to Granada. We spent the day in the Indiana, a train station out of service, that Marisa has rented for a long time. Now she have just start to repair it with great pleasure and joy.

On Tuesday we started the day early and we continued along mountain roads. We started with the siestas in parks, snacks to regain strength, finding water and room to sleep in the end of the day. We can feel the force of the wind, the shade of a tree, the muscles working, the lungs breathing and the heart beating.

We have some difficulty to go on, but nothing important, every day will improving. Little by little we will be remember what we have in each bag and we won’t have to open all to remove the spoon. The only thing that we have not managed to work well, is heater of gasoline and today, after a street race in front of the Sherpa shop, we are without it because something is wrong and they are going to send to PRIMUS house to fix it and meantime Miguel leaves us one.

Physically they were hard days, but nothing bad to remember, in the first descent metres you can forget all.


Siesta in El Burgo


Close to “Valle de Abdalajis”.


Going up to La Joya


Arriving to Granada… Finally downhill…Good…Very good


My grandfather and my aunt welcoming us to Granada

After resting for a few days we will go to Cordoba.


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